WolfPack Motorcycle Club

Frequently Asked Questions

I've seen several members with a patch on the front of the vest that says "Founder." How come you have so many founders and not just one?
The idea for starting the Wolf Pack MC was the brainchild of the founding President. However, this individual quickly set out to find others who would help him start and form the club. Of those who answered that initial call eight additional individuals proved to have the stuff to help form the club. Together, all nine of these people, including the founding President are seen as the founders of the WPMC.
Why do you have females in the club?
Because they are in the world.
Why do you allow bikes other than Harley's in the club?
See above answer.
Isn't having different type bikes in the club a problem? Aren't there different styles of riding for different type of bikes?
Yes, different types or classes of bikes do tend to lend themselves to different riding styles. The Wolf Pack MC however, tends to see this more as an opportunity to learn more about group riding and an opportunity to expand one's horizon's or comfort zone rather than seeing it as an outright problem. Also, when we ride as a group we adopt a specific group riding style. When not riding with the group (club), people can ride however they wish.
What part of the biker club set do y'all hang out with?
Diversity is one of the founding principles of the Wolf Pack MC. Because of this, we enjoy the company of all types of clubs and all sorts of riders.
Do you have chapters in other places?
Yes, take a look at this map of all Wolf Pack Chapters to learn more.
Do you have a clubhouse?
No, not yet. Probably won't happen next week though it will happen. Keep your ears and eyes open. When we do, we'll throw a big "clubhouse warming" party. Got a nice building you wanna donate to us?
Will I need to prospect first if I want to join your club?
Yes. Before prospecting you'll also need to spend some time as a "hangaround" to the club as well. The "Levels of Club Affiliation" page of the site that gives a little more information about this.
Will I need to do illegal or criminal things while a prospect?
Did you know that jaywalking is illegal? Anyway, we get your drift. The answer is no. But you gave us an out with your use of the word "need."
On the levels of club affiliation page it talks about hangarounds and prospects showing "respect" to full patch members and such. What's up with that? Are Hangarounds and Prospects treated as some sort of second class citizens? That sounds messed up to me.
What will be good for you to understand is that if you become a Hangaround or a Prospect with the WPMC, you are aligning with a private organization/club with its own culture and state of mind and one that has been carefully cultivated by those Full Members who, if you are voted in, will be your club brothers and sisters. These individuals have built this organization from the ground up and respect for them and what they've built seems appropriate. However, because we are as a club, also trying to create something unique in the biking and club world we're not at all interested in treating anyone like second class citizens and we certainly aren't interested in humiliating people in the hangaround and prospecting process--that's not our gig. In this club showing "respect" is not a bad, demeaning or harsh thing. If you still have questions ask or communicate with any of our hangarounds and/or prospects and let him/her tell you of their experience with this.
How long is your prospecting period?
Go to the Levels of Club Affiliation section, and then read the section on being a "prospect."

My girlfriend says all bikers are thieves, criminals and scum. Is she right?
Hmmm, thinking its time to look into finding a new girlfriend, my friend.
I've heard that riding a motorcycle is a hella great way to pick up women. Tell me, is that true?
You are invited to come to one of our meetings, share that philosophy with some of our women riders/members and find out.
How long does it take to become a member?
As long as it needs to. As long as it needs to. We don't have a set time frame etched in stone. Come check us out, go on a few rides with us, share a few cold ones with us and we'll go from there.