WolfPack Motorcycle Club


It was a dark and stormy night…Oops, my bad, wrong story.

So, the idea for starting the Wolf Pack MC came from a desire to be in a motorcycle club that both retained the positive "old school" elements of biker clubs of old and which also looked toward the future to continue to bring about growth and development of the motorcycling club community with the love of riding and being with other bikers as the backdrop for it all. Without knowing each other, the original 9 founders were each either on a active or less than active search for such a club. We found a unifying element in an Internet ad placed by one of the founders looking for others who had a similar vision.

Many are called, fewer chosen: That original Internet ad was placed in March of 2004. By May, more than 40 people had answered the call to help start the Wolf Pack MC. Between April and June of 2004 we engaged in the lengthy and sometimes difficult process of selecting the founding members of the club. Prospective founders were asked to attend a certain number of rides and attend a certain number of meetings all the while everyone was being scoped out to see if they would really be a good fit with what was trying to be created. On June 12, 2004, The Wolf Pack MC officially organized as a club. We consider this to be our official date of establishment. Of those dozens who showed various levels of interest in what was being created, eight men and one woman met the criteria to become a founding member of the Wolf Pack MC. One month later we had our first official hangaround. This individual went on to become a strong, contributing full patch member of the Wolf Pack MC after a four-month hangaround period and a five- month prospecting time. We’ve not looked back.

We asked and got permission from the dominant club in our area to officially start our club and also got this club’s approval for our patch design, to help ensure that we were not stepping on any toes.

We spent the first several months of our existence getting to know one another. Only two of us knew each other prior to forming the club. We are now ready to branch out and socialize with many of the people in this great riding community of ours. We have made a strong beginning and look forward to years of ridin’ and clubbin’.