WolfPack Motorcycle Club

Diversity Statement

The Wolf Pack Motorcycle club is founded on a number of principles important to us. Diversity is one of these principles and it is one of the chief principles of this organization. We live in a world where diversity has become a popular phrase, used and invoked by many. Often it is used by those who do not understand the full scope of the word or its broader implications or who intentionally limit its application. The Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club does not view diversity as a "pick and choose" concept. We are open to all diverse groups and we use the broadest possible definition of diversity when we speak of our value of being a diverse motorcycle organization. Given this understanding, the Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club is first and foremost open to riders of all types and brands of motorcycles, as long as the bike has at least a 500cc displacement engine. We are open to male and female prospective members, prospective members of all races, ethnic groups, sexual preference, ages, lifestyles and life experience.

Further, the Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club is devoted to encouraging women to explore the possibility of joining our organization. For some organizations, being open to women member's simply means allowing women to exist as second class citizens, decoration or to be treated as fragile "china dolls" within the organization. None of that is acceptable to us. The Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club is committed to treating female members with the same respect and dignity as males who are in this organization. We encourage our female members to pursue roles of leadership within the organization. We also realize this is one way to encourage new, prospective women to join the club. We understand that there are obvious and subtle differences between men and women in some specific areas. We do not strive to be completely "gender blind." Rather, our goal is to provide a model within the motorcycling and "biking" community of equality, respect and honor with regard to how men and women may coexist in a biking organization. And we further expand this goal to our openness to all the diverse groups we welcome to be in this club because we understand deeply that none of us is free until all of us are free and we know we all can learn to get along.