WolfPack Motorcycle Club

The Meaning of Our "Colors"

The term Wolf Pack represents a close-knit Brotherhood/Sisterhood shaped by loyalty, discipline and interdependence. These are attributes of the canine wolf packs found in nature. These are also values that are important to the survival of any serious motorcycle club. The wolf is subjected to misconception, misunderstanding and negative press in the general population. Bikers are subjected to the same. For both, the security and friendship found in the pack, often proves to be an invaluable asset.

The wolf's head logo, found on the clubs colors, with its contrasting color scheme of gray and black, represent the concept of a unity that is grounded in diversity, diversity being a strong founding principal of this organization. The blue in the background represents loyalty to the pack. The number "9" found to the left of the wolf's head is in tribute to the nine founding members of the Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club.

Taken as a whole, our colors represent the diversity, camaraderie, unity and friendship that are the foundation of running with The Wolf Pack MC.